Giles Residents Survey Reveals 94% Happiness Level

With the 200th home now being sold in Giles, the developer, East West Communities, surveyed residents to ascertain how “happy” residents are with living there. The survey revealed that 94% of the Giles residents who responded are either happy, very happy, or extremely happy with living in Giles. And, nearly 50% of those respondents said that they are extremely happy. When asked what contributed to their happiness with living in Giles, the reasons included:
• the convenient location (to local conveniences, Interstate access, access to downtown Richmond)
• top-rated schools located directly across the street (walkable)
• Giles amenities
• abundance of trees and natural areas
• the community / neighborhood feel (friendly neighbors)
• the home itself (floorplan and value)
• the natural beauty and landscaped parkway
• Hanover County

The survey also revealed that 50% of the residents who live in Giles range in age from 31 to 40. About 25% of the residents are ages 51 or older. Most families who live in Giles have children (84%), most of whom are school age.

Those who were unhappy noted the construction traffic and noise.

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